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Friday, 14 July 2017

Treatment of drainage systems - reminder



Joint Services Health Unit (JSHU) Integrated Pest Control Operatives (IPCO’s) will be carrying out a cockroach treatment programme of the Station drainage system within the following areas on the annotated dates:

JSHU IPCO’s will require access to all Service Families Accommodation (SFA) gardens and external areas to ensure maximum coverage of the drainage systems.  Where applicable, residents are requested to ensure that pets are secured inside SFA during normal working hours of the specified dates.  Please note SFA’s with dogs that remain in the garden during the above dates present a risk to IPCO’s health and safety and will not be surveyed or treated.

**Please note that SFA located on the roads not listed above are still being surveyed and treated.  They are not listed as the drains are accessible without the need to enter gardens**

Ser       Date                 Location

1.         10/07/17            Philip Road 

2.         11/07/17            Andrews Way

3.         12/07/17            Charles Street

4.         13/07/17            Duxford Square, Kenley Crescent & Tangmere Court

5.         14/07/17            Regents Street

6.         17/07/17            Hornchurch Close

7.         18-19/07/17       Albion Street

8.         20-21/07/17       Barnet Road & Verity Close

9.         24/07/17            Manning Avenue, Horsley Lane & Horsley Road

10.        25/07/17            Worral Avenue

11.        26/07/17            Humphrey Road

12.        27/07/17            Akrotiri House

For further information please contact the undersigned on Mil Ext: (2527) 6397.  Your assistance in this matter is much appreciated.


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